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Home and hospital visits

  • "Almost every time I call, someone picks up the phone to talk to me. I love talking to a person when it’s convenient for me, instead of leaving a voicemail and waiting until it’s convenient for them."

  • "Clark is a very honest lawyer. I always know what to expect, because he will take the time to explain everything to me until he is sure I understand what is going on. He is bringing back a good name for all lawyers!"


What should I do when I get injured?

1 If the injury is severe, call 911 and get help from emergency response professionals.

2 If it is safe, pull out your phone and take pictures of the scene; a picture is worth 1000 words!

3 Contact Seegmiller & Associates, we will help you through the rest.

choosing the right accident lawyer makes a difference call our office today 702.966.7777

Our Approach

At Seegmiller & Associates, our reputation speaks for itself. We rely on the opinions of previous clients to do our advertising for us…not on TV commercials.