Taxi Accidents: Drivers

Las Vegas Taxi Accident Lawyer

While taxi drivers frequently get a bad reputation as fast and even aggressive drivers, it’s important to note that Las Vegas has conditions that almost guarantee cab drivers will get into an accident — many times when it isn’t their fault. With highways like spaghetti, confusing roads, a huge population and tourists who often are not paying attention or do not know what they are doing, the city is ripe with opportunity for cab drivers to get into accidents.

If you are a cab driver who has gotten into an accident, it is important to realize that many juries view cab drivers badly. The assistance of a skilled lawyer cannot be overrated in laying out that it was not your fault by comprehensively laying out the facts. We are here to help you do just that.

Nevada Taxi Cab Injury Lawyer

At Seegmiller & Associates, our attorneys have handled hundreds of taxi accident cases in our 20 years of practice and are committed to advocating for you. We have investigators with whom we work who can obtain all information related to the accident as we ready the case for court. We can then take the information and completely and persuasively show how the accident was in no way your fault and that the negligence resides with other party(s).